Family of Jesse Duncan Lay

Jesse Duncan Lay

(1811 - 1896)
Son of:
Jesse Lay(1777-1864)
Hannah Baird Lay(1775-1862)

Susannah Douglas

(1808 - 1870)
Daughter of:
William? Douglas

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From the book by J.Gilbert Lay:

JESSE DUNCAN LAY was born in Kentucky in 1811; married Susannah Douglas and they lived in Scott County, Tennessee, when the 1860 Census was taken. It lists him and his family at that time. He was a son of Jesse and Hannah Baird, nee Lay. She had formerly married Louis Baird and reared three sons. After Baird's death, she married Jesse Lay. He is presumed to be a son of John and Martha Lay, emigrants from Canada into the valley of Virginia at the close of the French and Indian Wars that was settled by the peace of Paris in 1763. These older Lays served in the Revolutionary War and Jesse Lay was an officer under General George Washington. He died before the Pensions were granted to the Veterans of the Revolutionary War, so we do not have a record of his services. Jesse Duncan Lay lost a son Zimmery Lay in the Civil War. He died in or near Barbourville, Kentucky, on or about March 19 1862, of Cholera Morbis. After the death of Susanna Lay in 1870, Jesse Duncan Lay married Sally Loggins. She was the widow of Major Loggins who was killed in the Civil War. She was Sally Mullins before marriage; later Jesse Duncan Lay was again married to an Estes. Jesse Duncan Lay, died November 4, 1896, while still living on his “Water Fall” farm in Marion County, Arkansas, where he had owned and operated a grist mill at the falls on Water Creek. He and Susanna are buried on the Homestead near the Water Falls. She had ask that they be buried there.


Children of Jesse Duncan Lay

Death Certificate  
  NANCY LAY born Dec 1829 in Scott Co, TN; died Abt. 1902 in Scott Co, TN; married Burrell Wilson; born Apr 1826 in KY; died Bet. 1900 - 1910 in Scott Co, TN.
  DAVID LAY born Oct 1831 in Whitley Co, KY; died Jul 1906 in Tomahawk, Searcy Co, AR. He married Elizabeth Ann Chitwood about 1850/51. They were the parents of five sons and five daughters. After Elizabeth's death in 1876 or 1877, David married her sister, Martha Chitwood about 1880. Martha died about 1884. In 1885, David married again to Ruthy (Dolly) Thompson. David homesteaded land in the Tomahawk Barns area of Searcy Co., Ark. The farm joined the Stone Cemetery land. The Stone Cemetery was known at one time as the Stone-Keeling Cemetery and is now known as "Tomahawk Cemetery."
  JESSE "Fighting Jesse" LAY born 31 Mar 1837 in TN; died 10 Jul 1919 in TN. He lived in Scott County, TN. He was a minister of the Gospel, but his character earned him his nickname. He was well known for his fighting ability - bare fists, that is - and many stories are related about his exploits. He was by all accounts an upright and honest man and he expected everyone else to be the same, or else.
  HANNAH LAY born 1838 in TN; died Bet. 1850 - 1928 married Nelson Chitwood

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born Nov 1840 in KY; died 11 Sep 1916 in Searcy Co, AR. He married Jane Parsons 28 Jul 1864 in Scott Co, TN. She was born 1842 in TB, and died 4 Apr 1915 in Searcy Co, AR.  Click here to view the tombstones on Find-a-Grave.
  FREDERICK ZIMMERY LAY born 1843 in TN; died Mar 1862 in Killed in the Civil War. Notes for Frederick Zimmery Lay: Jesse Duncan Lay applied for a survivor pension in Arkansas, County of Searcy, in June of 1878: In the matter of the Pension Claim of Jesse D. Lay, Father of Zimry [sic] Lay, late of Company G, 7th Regiment, Kentucky Volunteers 
  SHELBY LAY Shelby Lay, born Aug 1851 in Scott Co, TN; died 16 Apr 1920 in Everton, Boone Co, AR; married (1) Margaret Ann Younger 1870 in Marion Co, AR; married (2) Victoria Smith 1915 in AR Click here to view the tombstones on Find-a-Grave.

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